Name: Vitaly Klyuev

Basic education:

Navigation faculty of the Far-Eastern High Engineering Maritime College, Vladivostok, Russia, 1985;

Institute of International Relationships of the Far-Eastern State University, Vladivostok, Russia, 2002.

Additional training (selected):

Business for Russia training course, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, 1996;

Caterpillar Engine training course, Seattle, Washington, USA, 1997;

Port State Control Officers Basic Training Course, Yokohama, Japan, 1998;

Advanced English training course, Moscow, Russia, 2011;

Quality Management Systems training course, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2013.

Academic degree:

Doctor of transport

Career summary:

Far-Eastern State Maritime Academy (at present: Maritime State University), Vladivostok, Russia, 1985 - senior lecturer (Radio-navigation equipment, e-navigation);

State owned JSC Norfes, Vladivostok, Russia, 1995 - Head of VTS software development and support division (development and support of software for vessel traffic systems), Head of Port State Control coordination and information support division (development and support of PSC related database, coordination of Port State Control activities within the Russian Pacific ports);

Maritime Administration of seaport of Vladivostok, Vladivostok, Russia, 1999 - Head of Asia-Pacific maritime information and coordination centre (development and support of Asia-Pacific computerized information system - information system of the Tokyo MOU on Port State Control, coordination of PSC activities in the Russian Pacific ports);

Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia, 2006 - Head of maritime and river transport safety division, Deputy Director of the Department of State policy for maritime and river transport (legislation development in the maritime and river transport sector, maritime and river transport safety and security activity policy, bilateral and multilateral relations on maritime and river transport, IMO coordination, PSC MOUs coordination, IMSO coordination, and etc.).

Maritime related experience:

Able seaman, deck officer on seagoing vessels: passenger vessel, general dry cargo carrier, timber carrier, refrigerator, container vessel; 

Onboard trainer: training vessel; 

Visited areas: Arctic, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China;

Sailing sport: master of sailing, national referee in sailing.

International maritime activity:

Manager of the Asia-Pacific Computerized Information System (APCIS) regional information system of the Tokyo MOU on PSC;

Manager of the Black Sea Information System (BSIS) regional information system of the Black Sea MOU on PSC;

Chairman of the Database managers meeting of the Tokyo MOU on PSC;

Chairman of the Committee of the Tokyo MOU on PSC;

Chairman of the Committee of the Black Sea MOU on PSC;

Vice-Chairman of the Committee of the Paris MOU on PSC;

Head of Russian delegations to various IMO meetings since 2007;

Visited more than 50 IMO Member States located on all continents when involved in maritime related activities (bilateral and multilateral meetings, international events).

Scope of management experience in maritime sphere:

The sea coastline is about 38000 km long covering two continents (Asia and Europe);

There are 68 sea ports having access to three oceans (Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific);

Participating in most of the IMO Conventions in force;

Merchant fleet comprises over 7000 vessels (not including small boats);

Icebreaker fleet (including nuclear powered vessels) is the biggest in the world;

Over 60 bilateral maritime related agreements;

More than 20 maritime educational institutions, more than 30 training centers, 16 STCW certification offices;

More than 10 SAR centers and sub-centers, more than 40 SAR vessels.