Vitaly Klyuev holds a meeting with the Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Vladivostok

Problems of international shipping and Russian proposals on improvement of international maritime legislation were among the key issues of today’s meeting of Vitaly Klyuev, Russian candidate for the post of IMO Secretary-General, with the Heads of Diplomatic Missions of the USA, Japan, India, Republic of Korea, Kingdom of Thailand and Republic of Chile in Vladivostok, IAA PortNews journalist reports. The meeting with the diplomats was held at the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University, alma mater of the candidate.

Having told about the IMO tasks and work system, Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport under RF Ministry of Transport presented his CV to the colleagues and then highlighted Russian programme on addressing the tasks to be handled by IMO within the coming four years. Vitaly Klyuev thinks that, apart from execution of the organization’s core functions (promoting security of shipping, environment protection and equal access to water areas), IMO will face three global issues in the future. In 2015 — audit of all 171 Member States. Starting from 2017 — enforcement of the Manila amendments on obtaining of new diplomas by all seafarers worldwide. The same year is to see the general regulations on Arctic shipping. The latter, in the opinion of the speaker experienced in both organizational work and Arctic shipping, is less of a problem.

As for the general principles of IMO work, focusing on creation of a more open operational system with enhanced awareness, democratism and collective decision making is seen by Russia as the most efficient activity. Other issues requiring revision relate to regulations on environmental standards and excessive release specifications. Following the report, the guest answered the questions of the diplomats. In particular, he assured Erik Anders Holm-Olsen, U.S. Consul General in Vladivostok, that the Arctic is open for the fleets of all states (in case of safety compliance) with the only open issue involving our countries relating to unsettled rules of navigation in the Bering Strait. Finally, IMO SG candidate called on the diplomats to deliver the essence of Russia’s innovations to their national Ministries and to support him at the elections in June.

The same day, Mr. Klyuev briefed the journalists of the national and regional media on the reasons of Russia to nominate its first ever candidate for the post of IMO Secretary-General: “Russia is one of the leading maritime powers and expansion of its participation in IMO activities corresponds to the growth of its international influence. Moreover, the country’s area of responsibility on rescuing of seafarers including the Northern Sea Route, is the longest one”.