Vitaly Klyuevs profile featured in The Naval Architect

The Naval Architect features Vitaly Klyuevs profile in the article Race for IMO Secretary-General approaching its climax.

Russia 's  Vilaly Kluyev has a comprehensive programme of reform for the IMO should he be elected.

It  is clear  that the  current SecretaryGeneral, Koji Sekimizu, is held in high regard, not only by Vitaly Kluyev, but by the other candidates featured here. All the potential Secretary-Generals have listed completing the work started by Sekimizu as one of their aims and in this regard Kluyev is no exception.

He also lists maintaining an adequate budget, keeping a sustainable level of secretariat staff and the effective implementation of the IMO Member States Audit Scheme due to be enforced from 1 January 20 16 as major aims.

Kluyev also believes that the secretariat has room for improvement in certain areas. He says: "We must pay closer attention to the implementation of regulation by member states via a more effective technical support from  the organisation".

In addition Kluyev says a "more effective use of Technical Cooperation programmes, reorganising the TC scheme and TC strategy," is necessary and that the secretariat must provide "more specific support to member states encountering implementation difficulties".

An assessment scheme that analyses the effect of regulations, both under development and existing rules along with "a comprehensive review of the existing regulations to provide more flexibility to the industry while maintaining the equivalent or higher level of safety,'' is proposed to evaluate how well the regulatory system is operating.

Educated at the Institute of International Relations of the Far- Eastern State University, Vladivostok , Russia, Kluyev holds a degree described as a Doctor of Transport.

He was a senior lecturer in radio-navigation equipment and e-navigation at the Far-Eastern State Maritime Academy, Vladivostok, Russia, in 1985.

By 1999 Kluyev had been appointed head of the Asia-Pacific maritime information and coordination centre before joining the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation , Moscow, Russia, in 2006. Kluyev was the head of the maritime and river transport safety division, Deputy Director of the Department of State policy for maritime and river transport responsible for, among other things, legislation development in the maritime and river transport sector, maritime and river transport safety and security policy, bilateral and multilateral relations on maritime and river transport and IMO coordination.

Kluyev has also spent time at sea starting as an able seaman and deck officer on seagoing vessels, including passenger ships, a dry cargo carrier, a timber carrier, a reefer ship and a container vessel. He was also a trainer aboard a training vessel.

Source: The Naval Architect, May 2015, p.20.