Vitaly Klyuev participates in 48th session of Paris MoU opening ceremony

Vitaly Klyuev, the official Russian candidate for the IMO Secretary-General post has taken part in the opening ceremony of the 48th meeting of the Port State Control Committee of the Paris MoU.

Being involved in PSC activity for more than 20 years Vitaly Klyuev has considerably contributed to the harmonization of PSC. Vitaly Klyuev's long-standing expertise includes development and support of PSC related database, coordination of PSC activities within the Russian Pacific ports.  As the Head of  Asia-Pacific maritime information and coordination centre in Vladivostok, Russia (1999-2006) he led the development and support of Asia-Pacific computerized information system - information system of the Tokyo MOU on Port State Control. 

His subsequent international maritime activity includes the management of the Black Sea Information System (BSIS) – regional information system of the Black Sea MOU on PSC, chairmanship of the Database managers meeting of the Tokyo MOU on PSC, chairmanship of the committees of the Tokyo MOU and the Black Sea MOU on PSC. Mr Klyuev is also the Vice-Chairman of the Committee of the Paris MOU on PSC.

The 48th session was opened by Melanie Schultz van Haegen-Maas Geesteranus, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands. The Committee will keep working through May 22, 2015 in Noordwijkerhout (Netherlands).

The session agenda includes working, organizational, financial and administrative issues, such issues as harmonization of inspection/detention regimes through updating and amending of instructions and guidelines, the performance review of Paris MoU members based on inspection/detention statistics of 2014.

The Russian Federation is a member State of the Paris MoU from 1996 which implies the development of norms and procedures for inspection of foreign vessels, exchange of information, conclusion on vessel/crew compliance with IMO and ILO requirements. Russia has ratified all IMO and ILO conventions serving as a basis for the Paris MoU.

Port State Control Committee is the executive body of the Paris MOU. It takes decisions on inspection of vessels in seaports, concentrated inspection campaigns, priority ranking of inspections, application of international instruments for inspection of vessels.

Russia is also a member State of the MoU Advisory Board which is in charge of MoU work between Port State Control Committee meetings.