Vitaly Klyuev: human element is almost forgotten

Vitaly Klyuev, the official Russian candidate for the IMO Secretary-General post held a meeting with the officials of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The meeting took place in the Hague on 21 May 2015.

Among the topics discussed – human element, goal-based standards and shipping efficiency versus safety balance.

According to Vitaly Klyuev, human element was addressed at IMO in the past but mostly dropped out of the IMO focus in the recent years. Despite the HTW Sub-Committee is formally responsible for it, the topic itself appeared on the Sub-Committee agenda at a quite low level. At the same time, it would be reasonable if the scope of human element related topics discussed at IMO reflected the share of human element related accidents, which is up to 80 percent.

The structure of the current IMO regulations is rather complicated, Klyuev said, and therefore, it is difficult to understand and properly implement them by both Administrations and ship crews. "We should restore the idea of goal-based standards that could introduce more flexibity for the industry providing at the same time clear and understandable requirements," Klyuev stated.

To ensure the balance between the shipping efficiency and safety requirements the IMO Secretary-General should arrange collecting and providing adequate information to enable the Members States to make feasible decisions. "Better communication within IMO would definitely contribute to the proper implementation of the regulations developed," concluded Klyuev.