Vitaly Klyuev holds meetings with the top maritime officials of Panama

The Russian candidate for the post of IMO Secretary-General Vitaly Klyuev held a meeting with the top maritime officials of Panama: Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Administrator of Panama Maritime uthority Mr. Jorge Barakat and Director General of the Panama Maritime Authority Merchant Marine Mr. Fernando Solorzano. The executives of the worlds largest ship registry expressed their interest in Vitaly Klyuevs vision of the IMOs immediate challenges. Among others, Vitaly Klyuev stressed necessity of better harmonization of PSC procedures worldwide. Being involved in PSC activity more than 20 years Vitaly Klyuev has already considerably contributed to the harmonization of PSC. Under his leadership the unified coding system for recording PSC data was developed and globally recognized. Vitaly Klyuev promoted interregional cooperation on PSC via his chairmanship in the regional PSC organizations of the Asia-Pacific and the Black Sea regions and his vice-chairman position in the Paris MOU on PSC. Well understanding current status of PSC worldwide Vitaly Klyuev proposed further measures to improve it. According to Vitaly Klyuev more active actions required to minimize the burden of paperwork for the ship crew and for the shipmaster in particular. In this respect it is necessary to revise an agenda of the FAL Committee of IMO asking it to address more actively measures of optimization of the existing certification of seafarers, vessels, shipowners, and seaports, he stressed.    

The meeting was held at the occasion of the Singapore Maritime Week 2015, the leading maritime event in Singapore.