Vitaly Klyuev: We are ready for constructive dialogue with the newly elected IMO Secretary General

A representative of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Lim Ki-Tack has been elected as Secretary General of the IMO. Russian candidate Vitaly Klyuev dropped out in a second round of voting.

"We are ready for constructive dialogue with the newly elected Secretary General of the IMO. I am confident that the professionalism of LIM Ki-Tack will enable him to take into account the views of all members of the IMO and will lead the organization to a new level", Russian candidate Vitaly Klyuev for the post of IMO Secretary General commented the election result.

Vitaly Klyuev has extended his gratitude to all who supported and those who opposed him in the election campaign: "It was a unique experience that will allow me to work more effectively in the IMO, defending the position of the Russian Federation."

The IMO has received six nominations for the position of Secretary-General of IMO. The nominations received are as follows:

Andreas Chrysostomou, Cyprus, Acting Director of the Department of Merchant Shipping

Vitaly Klyuev, Russia, Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport

Ki-tack Lim, South Korea, head of the Busan Port Authority

Dr Maximo Q. Mejia Jr, Philippines, head of the Philippine Marine Industrial Authority

Andreas Nordseth, Denmark, Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority

Juvenal Shiundu, Kenya, Kenyas representative at IMO

The present secretary general, Koji Sekimizu, ends his four-year term as Secretary-General on December 31, 2015. He is the seventh elected Secretary-General from Japan.