The Russian candidate for the post of IMO Secretary-General Vitaly Klyuev unveils three short term priorities he would strive to achieve as Secretary-General.

1.    Development of a comprehensive IMO instruments implementation plan (road map) focusing on the areas of IMO Secretariat responsibilities. Currently adopted IMO instruments cover the most of issues related to the IMO mandate. But proper implementation of those instruments still should be addressed. The plan, among other actions, may include adequate arrangements for IMSAS, improvement of the MS reporting scheme, collection of data of real instrument implementation status and difficulties thereof, adjusting TC activity to a way of practicality for the instruments implementation focusing on actual difficulties of instrument implementation by a MS, improvement of PSC activity worldwide, etc. 

Special attention should be paid to the collection of data on implementation of mandatory requirements by Member States and the challenges they faced in this regard and to offer solutions and tools for implementation of the requirements approved by all States without exception, otherwise the effectiveness of such requirements dramatically decreases.

2.    Improvement of strategy planning for the Organization and for the Secretariat in particular basing on the investigations made by external consultants and proposals of Member States. Strategy planning should provide at the end practical solutions achieving measurable goals. 

3.    Formalizing IMO Secretariat functioning via introduction of the IMO Secretariat Quality Management System. IMO Secretariat at current stage should provide an example of effectiveness of the formal quality management scheme as it is required from the industry by ISM Code, ISPS Code, STCW Convention, etc. Implementation of QMS for the Secretariat normally should improve its effectiveness within resources available. 

The reforms initiated by the incumbent Secretary-General should be completed while keeping the adequate budget of the IMO and maintaining the adequate composition of competent staff of the Secretariat. Secretariat QMS may serve the task of the adequate budget and staff quality.